Ж syns atomkrig e for jжvlig
Men at hшsten kan vжare fin
Og det beste her pе j ...
(Flight nr 3107 from Keflavík to Cologne is now ready for boarding)

Aldrei hef ég s&am ...
You're gonna, you're gonna, you're gonna

I'm thinking, ... and I live it again
I'm feeling again, ...
They tell em to forget, ...
You stand so still
Hiding on the corner
Waiting for a sign to come
I come
Ah, I know your type
Yeah, you're all the same
But ...
Hey! Hey! Si kamu si pencuri hatiku
Sampai kapankah hatimu harus berpura

Apa yang kurang dari diriku ini
Dibandingkan yang la ...
[Verse 1]

And royal pupies

A crown and some rings
Those sparkling royal things

The red carpet
And pla ...
An old haunt
Flint Point loop
I don't think
We were supposed to sleep together

I've never been afraid to die
I've never bee ...
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey
[verse 1]
Simmer down, simmer down
They say we're too young now to a ...
I’m a thirty-second lover
Love thats made me cry
I’m a thirty-second lover
Love thats made me cry
Ye ...
Verse 1

I've been foaming for shawty for bout an hour now
I can tell its been that long just looking at her body
Cause her bo ...
ji gum dang jang
man na jwo yo
gu de ga no mu
bo go shi po

ji gum dang jang
jon nwa ba da yo
gu de ga no mu
bo go shi po
Huli na para masabi ko sayo,
Ang matagal ng tinatago ng puso’t isip ko
Ihahtid sabay manunumpa sa harap ng altar
O ka ...
kakushita hou no hidarime ni
donna boku o utsushidasu no
hiraita hou no migime dake ja
hontou no boku wa mienai desho

My silence is my weakness
This secret I’m keeping
I can’t let them see me
Now I’m on my own
Until I ...
Tonight you're on a plan, a thousand miles away
But you left too soon there's so much I had left to say so now
I'll let this son ...
Nobody's perfect I'll never try,
But I promise I'm worth it if you just open up your eyes,
I don't need a second chance,
I need ...
Never for a second did he think it’d come to this
A man as young as this, you’re thinking why’d you ...
Waiting for a word that will say more
He don't sleep, don't need it anymore
Can't hear, this makes him r ...
Nanuroy mi sa akong auntie
Mamalit mi ug TV
Didto mi's SM hangtud ako nakakita
Babaye nga seksi

Gidu-ol kong babayeng seksi
Faith - pretending you are not home
I almost believe you
But now you're not alone
'Cause I can perceive you

She floats in th ...